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Allt känns tungt just nu. Det finns inte plats för några ord som kan beskriva vad som har hänt eller hur vi känner oss. 
Vila i frid bästa, bästa Martin Senter. Du gav oss så mycket. 

Fredrik Martin Fredrik


Martin Senter

 Våran trummis heter Martin Senter, han är inte bara en trumslagare utan han är även en grym producent, kompositör, gitarrist, sångare och inte minst en riktigt fin vän. Det är också han som sjunger och pillar på ett vitt instrument i låten här ovanför som hör till en film som heter Bitchkram. Gå och se den!



Southside together with When in Rome

Tomorrow we hit the stage at Southside!

Map?  Here:

More info? Here:


More stuff tomorrow!

See you there peeps



Thanks and new shows


We had a great time last saturday. Thanks!

Two new shows are booked:
Stockholm on the 5th of October we gig at Southside in Zinkensdamm.
The 20th of October we head down to Malmö and it will be totally awesome. Its our friend Karl in I AM SUPER APE who arrange an Octoberfest. Yeah!
 Follow this link for more info:





Back from vacations etc. Show this Saturday at kulturhuset Stockholm at 19:00


What's taking so long?!


What's going on with our album? why haven't you heard anything from us in a while? what's wrong with us?

The answer... Its all Martin Senters (my) fault. We made up a schedule that i havent been able to stick to. I've been working on a lot of different projects (i have to make a living as well.

Mainly i've been writing the score for an awesome movie called BITCHKRAM by Andreas Öhman (I Rymden Finns Inga Känslor).

A link to the BITCHKRAM trailer! 

I am going to get my thumb out of my ass though. The album will be recorded mixed and mastered as soon as possibly. EL-SD can assure you that it will turn out great! We could almost stretch it to amazing!

If you want to listen to a couple of preproduction tracks for the upcoming album check out the following links!


OH! i almost forgot!
We have a show coming up! Do not miss it, i repeat, do not miss it!

Best Regards

Martin Senter and EL-SD